The Niedergal Family
(circa 1900?)

Panoramic Map
of Rochester, PA
as it appeared
in 1900

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Ella, Mary Elizabeth, George Henry (Bud), Henry Augustus (Gus), Annie

Panoramic Map
of Beaver, PA
as it appeared
in 1900

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Some Niedergal family pictures...          ...and some Niedergals I found on the web

1. Niedergall, Fred (Friedrich?) (b.1835 d.1877)            *** See notes below ***
   sp: Ernestine (b.1837 d.1882)                   ** Starred names appear in large photo ** 
                                                                on photo page
  2. Henry Augustus Niedergall (b.1861 d.1949) 
      sp: Elizabeth ? (b.1862)
         |-3. Eva Elizabeth Niedergall (b.1886 d.1957)
         | sp: Theodore Wubbler
         |-3. Florence Niedergall (b.1891)
         | sp: Thomas Fox
         |    |-4. Jaques Fox
         |    |-4. Thomas Fox
         |-3. Gertrude Niedergall (b.1896)
         | sp: William Spratley
         |-3. Frederick W. Niedergall (b.1884 d.1965)
         | sp: Clara Edna Emerick (b.1888 d.1968)
         |    |-4. Donald Frederick Niedergall (b.1907 d.2001)
         |    | sp: Eunice Grace McBride (b.1911 d.1970)
         |    |    |-5. Donald Keith Niedergall (b.1939)
         |    |    | sp: Mary Jane Viduarri (b.1939)
         |    |    |-5. Ruth Ann Niedergall (b.1934) 
         |    |    | sp: Stephen Allen (b.1923)
         |    | sp: Opal Shellhammer Rowe (b.1910 d.1979)
         |    |-4. Ralph Emerson Niedergall (b.1909 d.1995)
         |    | sp: Eleanor Brenner Emerick
         |    | sp: Dorothy Ellen Kindleberger
         |    |-4. Elizabeth Mae Niedergall (b.1913 d.1958)
         |    | sp: Charles Link
         |    |-4. Jean Niedergall (b.1920)
         |      sp: George Bittner
         |-3. Charles Henry Niedergall (d.1965)
           sp: Queenette Blanche Will (b.1886 d.1971)
              |-4. Harrison "Hack" Niedergall (b.1909 d.1992)
              | sp: Mary Louise Sisson (d.1985)
              |    |-5. Frederick Knox Stone Niedergall (d.1989)
              |    |-5. Harrison W. "Skip" Niedergall (b.1930)
              |    | sp: Patricia Louise Groff (b.1935 d.1988)
              |    |-5. John R. "Jack" Niedergall
              |-4. Vera Niedergall (d.1987)
                sp: Charles Richard
                   |-5. Charles Richard

  2. George Henry Niedergall (b.1863)
      sp: Lila Werts (b.1867 d.1954)
         |-3. George Richard Niedergall (b.1886 d.1950) **
           sp: Helen Edna Weber **
  2. Albert Niedergall (b.1866)
  2. Mary Elizabeth Niedergall (b.1868 d.1944) **
      sp: Arthur Pierson Hunter (b.1866 m.1888 d.1902)
         |-3. Frederick Joseph Hunter (b.1890 d.1937)
         | sp: Marion Augusta Rankin (b.1880)
         |    |-4. Arthur William Hunter (b.1924)
         |        sp: Janet Mary Kuerleber 
         |         |-5. David Hunter
         |         |-5. Steven Albert Hunter
         |-3. Lila Arline Hunter (b.1892 d.1970) **
  2. Annie Niedergall (b.1870) **
      sp: Joseph Baron Yates (b.1867)
         |-3. Joseph Byron Yates (b.1892)
         | sp: Lillian Frances Christie (b.1889 m.1912)
         |    |-4. Lillian Esther Gunhilda Yates (b.1913)
         |    | sp: Bruce Parker
         |    |    |-5. Bruce Parker (b.1948)
         |    |    |-5. Jeffrey Parker (b.1950)
         |    |-4. Joseph Byron Yates, Jr. (b.1921)
         |    | sp: Jane Austin (b.1922)
         |    |    |-5. Christie Yates (b.1948)
         |    |    |-5. Susan Yates (b.1950)
         |    |-4. Dorothea Anne Yates (b.1918)
         |    | sp: Earl Harvey Smith (b.1916)
         |    |    |-5. Carolyn Anne Smith (b.1941)
         |    |    | sp: Robert Joseph Agenjo (b.1938)
         |    |    |-5. Donald Earl Smith (b.1942)
         |    |-4. Jean Yates (b.1923)
         |    | sp: Elliot Melton
         |    |    |-5. Dennis Melton
         |    |    |-5. Robin Melton
         |    |    |-5. Cindy Melton
         |    |    |-5. Bonnie Melton
         |    |    |-5. Charles Elliot Melton
         |    |-4. Donald Yates (b.1928)
         |      sp: Marjorie 
         |         |-5. Clifford Yates
         |         |-5. Kevin Yates
         |-3. Harold Pierson Yates (b.1900 d.1986) **
           sp: Ethel Francis Bouquet **

  2. Ella L. Niedergall (b.1877) **
      sp: Wilmott Hubbs (b.1865 d.1963) **
         |-3. Ethel Hubbs **
         |-3. Cora Hubbs **

*** Some Notes, revised on January 9, 2004 ***

A Bible belonging to Annie Niedergal has given us the first definite information about our original Niedergal immigrants - Fred & Ernestine, who arrived in 1866. They settled in the Rochester, Beaver County, Pennsylvania area. The 1870 Rochester census lists Fred 37, Ernestine 35, Gustave 9, Henry 7, Albert 4, Mary 2, Annie 3mos. Fred was born in Oberhausen, Baden, Germany - Ernestine, Gustave, Henry were born in Nederlands; Albert, Mary and Annie were born in Pennsylvania. Ella is not yet born, and there is an Albert we have not seen before. Annie's Bible demonstrates the different spellings of this name - on just one page, she spells the name "Neidergal" and "Niedergall"

There are other records of Niedergal emigration. The Wuerttemburg Emigration Index includes an entry "Niedergall, Friedrich & F" - this type of entry usually designated a widow and children. The family lived in Sternenfels, Germany and first applied for emigration to America in 1854

My search for the Niedergall name in Germany first turned up this page . (Learn more about Sternenfels here .) I sent an email to the mayor's office, and it was passed on to a local church.
The secretary there graciously offered to search their records, and eventually sent me copies of Niedergall information. Several months later, she also sent information about the history of the
Ankele name, which will be interesting to research one day.

There are church records for the marriage of Catharina Ankele and Daniel Friedrich Niedergall on September 30, 1849, and for the births of 10 of their children. The writing on the pages is in old German script, and often hard to decipher. My interpretation of names and dates may be seen here.

We know now that they are not the parents of our Niedergalls, but I think it is very likely that they are close relatives, since the name is not common. One of their children, Johann Carl, may be connected to the Carl (and Phyllis) Niedergall family found in Canada. As an interesting sidebar, our Ella married Wilmott Hubbs, who came from Canada, and our Annie married Joseph Yates, who also came from Canada. Perhaps they met their future spouses while visiting cousins in Canada???

Special thanks go to Ruth Allen and Art Hunter
who have contributed much of the new information posted here.
For questions or comments, please contact Carolyn Agenjo
Page revised January 15, 2004